Shyretta Leanne Clark

Author-Creator-Artist-Public Speaker-Model-Healthcare Leader-Scientist-Entrepreneur-Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Charity's Modern Life

Charity Stallworth is no stranger to matters of the heart. Like many southern-bred girls, she had her life all figured out long before she was old enough to have her own bank account. Life would prove to her that it had a mind of its own. Instead of allowing the shifts in the tide to get her down; she decided to hop on and ride the wave. Love, heartache, lust, sex, and success grew to know Charity all too well. Sometimes they were a little too close for comfort, but she was determined to be happy no matter what.

"This book is a captivating story that I believe every woman has experienced in one way or another. This story left me hanging and wanting more.....Great book, love lust sex....emotion, we have all lived, if we admit to it or not." A. Shipp
Children's Book

I Love My G-Mama

This poetic story about a child's love for their grandmother is certainly one that will capture the attention of every little child across the world. It will easily become the book your little one will want read to them everyday, and is simple enough to help them learn new words to develop reading skills early on. This book is a sweet treat to gift on Mother's Day and to expectant parents, because it is based on a child's perspective on why they love their "G-mama".